4 good reasons to participate in Oxfam Peacewalker

1. You strengthen relationships among employees

Four colleagues will walk 42 km together. The walkers and their supporters (less athletic employees, for example) will have to work together. The supporters are responsible for food and related services, ensuring that the walkers cross the finish line with smiles on their faces.  They all experience an unforgettable 10 hours together.

2. You support development projects and make your company a part of this dynamic effort

Every human being has the right to have enough to eat, to have access to medical care, to afford a decent living from their work, to go to school and to live in a safe and peaceful environment. Millions of people, however, are still being deprived of these fundamental rights.

Through the money raised by the Oxfam Peacewalker teams, among other activities, Oxfam Solidarity supports the initiatives of associations in the South that are fighting the injustice of poverty.

3. You participate in an event that places the environment at the forefront.

Each year, new steps are taken to improve the ecological footprint of Oxfam Peacewalker. A few examples:

  • Promoting public transport and carpooling
  • Ordering fruit in bulk
  • Reducing household packaging waste
  • Selective waste sorting
  • Reducing hard copy mail outs (ordering system based on actual orders)

4. Your company is active and healthy

Engaging in sports helps maintain health. A business that promotes physical activity among its employees enhances their wellbeing in the workplace and subscribes to a policy of respect for human resources. Furthermore, everyone who accomplishes such a challenge can feel real personal satisfaction.