• Is there a set of rules for participation in Oxfam Peacewalker?

    Yes, you can read it here. Please take time to read it as it should answer your main questions. The teamleader will have to agree and sign the document.

  • What does the 25 Euro registration fee cover?

    This amount covers a part of the organization, logistics and medical assistance costs of the event. Oxfam Peacewalker insures all participants against bodily accidents on the route and offers food and drinks during the walk, camping facilities and access to the Friday night meal.

    There is no tax receipt provided for the registration fee.

  • Must each team collect 750 euros?

    Yes, each team must collect 750 euros minimum. This is a requirement in order to participate on the day. We ask that the reached amount at the time can be visible on your counter (found on the website) by the Thursday just prior to the Oxfam Peacewalker event.

    If you have any questions or if you would like some advice regarding the collection of funds, do not hesitate to contact the Oxfam Peacewalker secretariat. It will be our pleasure to assist you. You will also find a few ideas in the section “Advice for collecting funds“. Have fun!

  • How are the profits from Oxfam Peacewalker used?

    The profits from Oxfam Peacewalker contribute to financing the projects and activities of Oxfam-Solidarity.

  • How can I get a tax receipt?

    For gifts higher than 40 euros per year, a tax receipt will be automatically sent by Oxfam in March of the following year. Thanks to this tax receipt, the scale of the amount of taxable income will be reduced, corresponding to a deduction of around 45% of the total donation. Tax receipts are sent to those that have made their donation directly to the Oxfam-Solidarity account, through your team’s page i.e.. Receipts cannot be provided for donations that comming from non-particulars, or for donations that came from another bank account.

  • What do you do with our personal information?

    Your email address serves to provide you with additional information, event invites, etc...throughout the year. Your mobile number allows us to contact you quickly if necessary during the year and is indispensable in case of emergency during Oxfam Peacewalker. The postal address of the team captain allows us to send you essential documents. The team captain will receive 2 mailings: a welcome pack (one month after registration) and the Road Map.

    Oxfam Solidarity respects the Law and uses personal data's only for this event and does not communicate data on its donors and supporters to anyone or for any external reason.

  • A friend supporting us has told us that his donation does not appear on our team’s counter.

    Online donations (via your team’s page) appear directly on the counter of the team's page. Other bank transfers may take several days to be added on the counter (max. 10 working days). Please control that the donor did use the right communication for the transfer (6103-OPW Team “your team number” - donation). Please contact fundraising@oxfamsol.be if you encounter any issue.

  • Is commercial advertising authorised in the framework of Oxfam Peacewalker?

    Oxfam Trailwalker has signed partnership agreements with several institutions and commercial enterprises who contribute either financially or to the organisation of the event. In exchange, commercial advertising is assured or authorised.

    An organisation which has not been recognized as a partner is not authorised to advertise.

    A team that is sponsored by a company can conduct commercial advertising directly on their supporting materials in relation to its participation (T-shirts, support car...). Samples (the distribution of product samples) are strictly limited to official sponsors of Oxfam Peacewalker.

  • Who can join your team?

    Everybody! Friends, colleagues, family members… from your workplace or your sport club... the only condition is that each member must be 16 years of age at the time of Oxfam Peacewalker (April 29, 2017). Think about who will comprise your team and your supporters from the very beginning!

  • What characteristics are important within a team?

    Everyone brings their own qualities: enthousiasm, energy, organizational talent, fundraising ideas, a passion for map reading, good humor... And virtually everyone can walk 42 kilometers, but one must prepare correctly!

  • Who does what?

    It’s best to be in agreement from the start! During the preparation phase for Oxfam Peacewalker, everything will go more smoothly if the tasks are well assigned from the beginning. Designate a team manager who will be the contact person for the secretariat of Oxfam Peacewalker. Another member of the team can be in charge of the collection of donations and a third in charge of a training program, for example. Everyone has a talent, so find them and use them to their best advantage! That way, you will indeed form a strong team. This will be priceless to you during Oxfam Peacewalker!

  • Can I participate in Oxfam Peacewalker alone?

    No! Oxfam Peacewalker is a group challenge, only teams of 4 persons can participate. If you wish to participate but you are unable to find 3 teammates you can register as a Lonely Boot and get in touch with other walkers.

  • Is a team of supporters required?

    Yes, and this is not luxury! We advise participants to carry as little as possible during the walk. Therefore there must be supporters at countrol points to provide with food, dry clothing, night time equipment, etc... But above all they are there to provide moral support throughout your challenge. A priceless contribution!

  • What happens if a team member decides to drop out before the event (during the training period)?

    This can happen in the case of injury or for family matters. It is wise to foresee it and to secure a substitute from the beginning of your training. One supporter could participate to the trainings with the team in order to be ready if necessary. You can also use our “Lonely Boots”-forum to find individual walker available. If you have any problems finding a substitute, please contact the Oxfam Peacewalker-team.

  • Must teams bring their own food and beverages?

    At the checkpoints, the organisation supplies water, hot drinks, a snack and fruit. You will receive more information about the snacks and the distribution points in the Road Map which will be sent a few weeks before the event. It is highly recommended that supporters bring additional necessary food according to their team’s needs.

  • What clothes are most appropriate for the hike?

    Preferably those that are light, wind and water resistant and made of breathable fabrics, in order for perspiration to evaporate. They should be comfortable so you can move freely.

  • Should I wear walking shoes or athletic shoes?

    It’s up to you. You should try during your trainings in order to define what works best for you. One bit of advice: do not walk in new shoes during the event! Here is some additional advice.

  • Must you stay with your team throughout the walk?

    Yes! Oxfam Peacewalker is a team challenge. Each team is composed of 4 persons who promise to walk the 42 km together. You must also be together during the scanning at each checkpoint. At certain checkpoints, you will also be scanned before setting out again. The volunteers will scan each participant individually and assure that each team sets out again together.

  • What happens if one or several members of a team drop out during the event?

    All drop-outs must be reported to the checkpoints. In the event of a walker abandoning the challenge, the other three may continue. If two people from the same team drop out, the remaining two must join another team for security reasons. The same rule applies if only one of the team members remains. In effect, the rules stipulate clearly that at least 3 participants must remain together during the walk.

  • Can our supporters accompany us on the walk?

    No, except during the last kilometers between Kemmel and Mesen where supporters/family/friends are invited to walk with their team to give them strenght. Violation of this rule will result in the exclusion of the team.

  • When is the accident insurance of Oxfam-Solidarity applicable?

    Oxfam Trailwalker insurance intervenes only in the case of personal injury, understand as en event causing a physical injury and whose cause is sudden, external and independent of the victim's wil. In case of accident or/and injury, you should fill a report within 48 hours. Forms are available at Oxfam Peacewalker Secretariat during the days of the event or at Brussels Oxfam headquarters.

  • What can I help to finance with 16, 50, 65, 190 and... 750 euros?

    Here are some examples of concrete projects using specific amounts.

  • What is the minimum age to participate in Oxfam Peacewalker?

    Each walker must be 16 years of age at the time of the event (April 29, 2017). There is no age limit. Before registering or taking part in the event, please consult with a physician. Each participant participates at his/her own risk.

  • What is the expiration date for registering for the challenge?

    We advise everyone to register as soon as possible. the registrations will be closed two week before the start.

  • Where in the region can we spend the night during Oxfam Peacewalker?

    Sleeping accommodation during Oxfam Peacewalker

    Have you decided to spend the night in the Westhoek during the weekend of Oxfam Peacewalker? Then you have many options to choose from!

    Peace Village hostel

    Peace Village is the ideal location for participants who want to spend the weekend of Oxfam Peacewalker in a great atmosphere and with plenty of comfort. In this modern hostel participants and supporters can rent rooms of 2, 4 or 6 persons at a great price. It is located near the starting point.

    Prices: €25 p.p. for the night of Friday to Saturday (sheets + breakfast included), €30 p.p. for the night of Saturday to Sunday (sheets + breakfast included)

    The number of rooms is limited, so book your room as soon as possible!

    Bookings and more info via info@peacevillage.be or http://www.peacevillage.be/

    Camping site next to Peace Village

    On a large field next to Peace Village we will organize a camping site with showers and sanitation, where everyone can pitch their own tent.

    Prices: Free for all participants, volunteers and supporters of Oxfam Peacewalker.

    In the region

    In addition to the two previous options there are numerous other sleeping accommodations in the Westhoek, including plenty of holiday houses and B&B’s. More information on the website of Westtoer.

  • What time does Oxfam Peacewalker start?

    The start of Oxfam Peacewalker is at 8h00 in the morning and the finish at the latest at 18h00.

  • Can we also be a team of 2, 3 or 5 members?

    No, a team needs to consist of exactly 4 members. If you know more than 4 people who would like to participate, try to organize another team. Are you looking for team members? Maybe the Lonely Boots-forum can be useful.

  • What is the job of a team leader?

    The team leader subscribes the team and acts as a contact person between Oxfam and your team.

  • My company would like to participate with several teams. Could we get more information?

    Of course! Please send an email to markus.neumann@oxfam.org.We would also be pleased to come at your office for a free info session.

  • Can we exchange our team members?

    Yes, you can. For logistic reasons please fix your team page with this change at least 5 working days before the event, or contact directly markus.neumann@oxfam.org. Note that each new member will have to pay the registration costs (25 euros).

  • What is the job of the supporters team?

    Supporters are indispensable. They wait for you at every checkpoint during the walk and take care of food, snacks, proper clothes and of course the needed support.

  • How many supporters do you have in your supporters team?

    We advise you to have at least two supporters for every team. One to drive the car, and the other to find the road. If you have enough room in your car then bring more supporters!

  • What type of vehicles are the supporters allowed to use?

    Supporters can use a car or bicycle. Each supporter team is allowed to use one car at the same time around the course. At the registration in Peace Village each team will get one Oxfam Peacewalker parking card (car) and the desired amount of parking cards for the bicycles. The access to WP Kemmel is only allowed for supporters on bicycles.

  • Are dogs allowed at Oxfam Peacewalker?

    No, dogs are nowhere allowed during the event.

  • What time are the registrations, and what time do I need to be present?

    You can register on Friday, the evening before Oxfam Peacewalker. The registrations will start at 16.00 o’clock and end at 22.30.

    On Saturday morning you can register from 6 o’clock until 7.30.

    Be careful, make sure that the team is complete at the registration.

  • What does the trail looks like?

    The trail is generally pleasant and peaceful, in an undulating landscape, except for Kemmelberg. The horizon often stretches very far and sometimes provides a view of 360°. This rural area is crossed by numerous paved rural roads. A third of the trail consists of trails and forest roads.

  • How much should we practice before Oxfam Peacewalker?

    Each person is different. Try to walk each week, and gradually make your trips a little bit longer each week.