Every step counts!

30 Apr 2019

You just have walked Oxfam Peacewalker’s 42.2km and hardly contributed to help us in our actions against inequality and poverty.
We therefore wish to highlight your efforts and all the donations you have collected by thanking you very much for what you have accomplished.
We hope this walk will remain etched in your memory thanks to the time you spent together and the beautiful Westhoek region’s landscapes.
Not to forget that this solidarity walk would not have been possible without your faithful supporters and without our tireless volunteers.

Oxfam Peacewalker 2019 – fourth edition, it’s:
83 teams at departure
91 devoted volunteers
The first team that crossed the finish line, « Le carré d'agneaux » (team n°045) walked the 42.2 km in 06h21min00sec
More than 85.000 € have been raised in favor of Oxfam’s actions
All the teams crossed the finish line. 80 teams out of 83 finished the walk with all its members and the success rate is 96%.
Congratulations and thank you, you are just the best!

You want to discover or redescover the best walk’s best times ?
Our photographers’ pictures are here.

Your opinion counts !
Let us now about your opinion about this edition of Oxfam Peacewalker by filling in our feedback questionnaire.
It will take only 5 minutes.
Thank you!  

You want to surpass yourself more?
You can’t get enought of walking?  
Take part with your collegues and friends the 31th of August and 1st of  September 2019 Oxfam Trailwalker – 100 km in 4 people team in 30 hours at the most – on a very new route in the wonderful Saint Hubert’s forest.
Or, you want to participate but 100km is too much? Take part in the new Oxfam Energywalker, a 25 km walk in 2 to 8 people team in 10 hours at the most that will take place on the 31st of August 2019 on a part of the Oxfam trailwalker’s route.
A shorter distance to walk… without eating !

We hope to see you again on the new edition of Oxfam Trailwalker and the brand new Oxfam Energywalker!
Oxfam Peacewalker’s team:
Sophie, Aurélie, Jérôme, Leo, Erik, Markus, Hadrien, Mélanie, Anna, Greet, Caroline