Oxfam Peacewalker = 3 challenges

Professional athleet or sunday walker, overcome your limits and join us to Oxfam Trailwalker 2019. You'll walk 42 km passing through the most beautiful landscapes of the Westhoek. Profits raised by the event will help distressed families.

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Oxfam Peacewalker = a sports challenge

Training is absolutely necessary. Anyone can join Oxfam Peacewalker and finish it, but being well prepared is imperative. Even if you’re in great shape, you’ll have to prepare yourself mentally and build up your stamina. It’s also important to do research into how much food and drink you will need, how to deal with exhaustion and what kind of shoes to wear…

Oxfam Peacewalker = a team challenge

You will train together, gather funds together… and walk the 42 km together. A good make-up of your team is therefore very important. Every participating team consists of four people. Who will be a member of your team? Friends, colleagues, family, neighbours, people from your sports club… The only prior condition is that each member is at least sixteen years of age at the moment of Oxfam Peacewalker (April 27th 2019).

Each team will be assisted by a group of supporters. During the preparation phase they can help by gathering funds. During the Oxfam Peacewalker itself they are absolutely indispensable. The supporting team will provide walkers with food and drink, arrange a comfortable break and give the necessary cries of support. Finally, it’s the supporters who will return the walkers home after their 42 km trek.

Oxfam Peacewalker = a challenge of solidarity

Every team is expected to raise at least 750 euro for Oxfam-Solidarity. The walkers and supporters will collect this sum during the months preceding Oxfam Peacewalker.

Some ideas to help you amass 750 euro:

  • Get people to sponsor you for an amount per kilometre.
  • Sell home-made cakes in your neighbourhood or at work.
  • Organise a party, a wine-tasting evening, or a spaghetti or cheese evening.
  • Make sure someone sponsors your equipment.

In short, there are a myriad of ways to raise this amount! If you’re short on inspiration, feel free to check up on our suggestions.

Please note that this amount of 750 euro is extra to the entry costs. Each team is fully registered as soon as the entry form is filled in and the amount of 25 euro per person is paid.


Have a question? The events team will answer them! Contact them via events@oxfamsol.be or +32 2 501 67 51.